Splendor of colored Polished Concrete Floors To be a Practical Decorative Alternative

A elegant concrete flooring is beautiful, durable and its affordable of servicing mixed having a extensive lifespan make it considered one of one of the most price tag successful flooring possibilities out there mdgconstructores. A sophisticated concrete floor is green. The concrete for brand spanking new flooring is developed locally and so does not have to be trucked in from the very long distance. In case you are restoring an aged concrete floor you are seriously recycling the concrete since you are certainly not digging it up and sending it to a landfill. As well as chemicals employed in the sharpening approach are friendly for the ecosystem, so they are eco-friendly too!

With all of that, what could potentially come up with a polished concrete ground even more captivating?

Why, colour, not surprisingly! The supply of coloration permits people bigger structure choices. Householders can use color to make the ground the standout aspect in the inside or mix seamlessly with the decor, and floors in workplaces and showrooms might be finished to mirror the colors in the business or just for making the area a lot more satisfying.

A further profit is colour will cover imperfections, such as patches, within a flooring earning it easier about the eye.

The three methods of coloring floors are acid staining, solvent-based dyes and water-based hues. Let us take a look at each.


Acid stain can be a waterborne combination of metallic salts and acid. Unlike dyes acid stains respond chemically together with the concrete. The acid opens the pores with the surface allowing the metallic salts to react with all the totally free lime within the concrete and kind insoluble color compounds. The h2o fuels the response which continues till a neutralizing solution is applied to end the procedure. The end result is vibrant, translucent shades with varigated hues throughout the flooring and, because they are really UV secure, they can not fade. Indoor air good quality is just not impacted because you will find no Unstable Organic and natural Compounds within the acid mixture.


The final colours tend to be the result from the concrete’s chemical composition reacting for the metallic salts, so effects are unpredictable. Definitely this will make issues interesting – except the colors are certainly not that which you want. And there is a confined palette to decide on from – basically a mix of only three colors: black, brown and blue-green.

The process calls for a skillful technician which is additional time consuming to complete than other coloring possibilities and it is, as a result, dearer.

The coloured layer is slender and fragile so it need to be guarded which has a sealer which will must be reapplied occasionally.


Really good molecules of colour are combined that has a solvent to penetrate and coloration the concrete. Additional apps can be utilized to enhance the protection. The end result is more predictable, the procedure is much a lot quicker than acid staining and exhibits results correct absent. The floor is often sealed and ready for instant use once the dye is dry. There are lots of vibrant colours to decide on from.


Whilst not as intricate as acid staining, this method also requires a talented technician. Solvents are made use of so potent odors of acetone or liquor is usually section on the approach and have an impact on indoor air top quality. The dye will not likely mask or disguise imperfections from the ground and could look different in parts of the concrete which have bigger amounts of humidity or hardness. The colours are not UV stable and may fade above time and have to have reapplication.